Looking up, updating and providing feedback on published resources

Resources made available through applications are either submitted by general public users for publication consideration or have been added by the Data Team which conducts mapping activities throughout the U.S. See Data Sources to learn more.

In an on-going effort to verify resource data, we reference a number of public data sources and work to create formal partnerships with a variety of institutions and organizations within the field. Data partners represent leading authorities in the field who collaborate to manage specific data sets made available in the application. In some case, this involves directly importing data that the partner has certified. In other cases, this involves having partners review specific resources that are submitted for publication by the general public.

We do rely on the general public and community/organizational leaders to assist in the updating or correcting of published resource information. To see if a resource is published and verify that the resource information is accurate, you can conduct a Resource record review. Using the presented search bar, enter the name of a resource (organization, program, service, or group) and then select Review record. From there, you can use the form to submit any comments or changes that may be needed or suggested. This form will be sent to the Data Team and you will be notified when updates are complete. 

You can also select Provide feedback, available on each resource page, to provide us any information that you think needs to be updated or corrected. Submitted feedback is reviewed by the Data Team for updating or removal decisions.

Please be aware that the Addiction Resource Hub was developed to help those seeking support resources in their community. We do not endorse or directly support any presented resource. Those seeking programs, services, or treatment are urged to verify each provider’s credentials and certifications to confirm their expertise and quality of service.

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