Creating, updating, and cancelling your account

Creating a new account

Most applications that feature Capacitype maps and data services allow for account creation. User accounts only require a valid email. Additional information may be requested by sponsoring organizations who maintain a distinct set of rules and guidelines in terms of how they handle any personal information provided.

In general, an account is needed to take advantage of certain application features such as creating resource collections and submitting resources for publication. This is so that you can view resource information specific to your account when you sign in.

To create a new account, select Sign in and then Create a new account. From there you can enter your name (full name is not required) and email address. 

Next, go to your email. You will find a one-time login link. Select the link to authenticate your email—you will be prompted to set your password.

Editing your account information and cancelling your account

When you Sign in, select My account from the main menu. Use this page to change your account name, your account email, change your password, unsubscribe from notifications, or cancel your account. Be sure to select Save at the bottom of the form after making any changes to your account information.

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