Editing and updating your resource

When a resource you have submitted is approved for publication, it will appear in  Map it in the  My resources tab, Resources I can edit. This listing is specific to your user account. You can edit, update, and add additional details to any resource that appears in this section. Simply select Edit underneath the resource you wish to update. You will be presented with a longer editing form that allows you to add additional contact information and extended profile data. 

The editing form presents extended profile data fields if available based on the type of resource. When a resource is published, it is assigned a  category type (e.g. counseling, housing, recovery support, treatment). Profiles are specific to categories. For example, a housing resource may have additional details including number of vacancies, fee structure, licenses and certifications, housing type, housing services, genders served, and application links. In comparison, an advocacy and education resource may have additional details including hours of operation, advocacy issues, and educational programs.
Please be aware that not all data submitted is displayed on a resource page. It is, however, used for enhanced search and research purposes. Be sure to select Save at the bottom of the form each time you make a change. 

Requests to delete a resource will be submitted to the administrative Data Team for review and removal as appropriate.

You can contact the Data Team at  support@capacitype.com if there are details you wish to add for a resource, but cannot find an appropriate place to provide those details.

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