Mutual and recovery support group meeting data

Often called self-help groups or mutual aid groups, support groups are small-scale community-oriented groups where people suffering from substance use disorders meet and provide support to each other.
These groups provide a safe space for people to share stories, talk about challenges, or share personal achievements- often with an overarching framework guiding the group purpose. Mutual support groups are often an initial destination for people hoping to find recovery, and also serve to help people maintain long-term recovery. Most mutual support groups meet face to face, but there are web-based groups as well.
This listing of national meeting finders is intended to help those seeking support resources in their community. You may want to know that we do not endorse or directly support any presented resource. Those seeking programs, services, or treatment are urged to verify each provider’s credentials and certifications to confirm their expertise and quality of service. 
Groups in BOLD type have meeting data published to the Recovery Resource Hub where available for metropolitan areas and local communities. 

National support group meeting finders

Support Group Name Resource Hub Link
A.A. - Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Finder
Al-Anon Family Groups Meeting Finder
Alateen Family Groups Meeting Finder
Caron Family and Parent Support Groups Meeting Finder
Celebrate Recovery Meeting Finder
CoDA - Co-Dependents Anonymous Meeting Finder
Crystal Meth Anonymous Meeting Finder
DAA - Drug Addicts Anonymous Meeting Finder
Dual Recovery Anonymous™
FA – Families Anonymous Meeting Finder
FAN - Families Against Narcotics Meeting Finder
GRASP - Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing Meeting Finder
HAMS - Harm Reduction for Alcohol Meeting Finder
Heroin Anonymous Meeting Finder
LDS Addiction Recovery Program Meeting Finder
LifeRing Secular Recovery Meeting Finder
MA – Marijuana Anonymous Meeting Finder
MARA - Medication-Assisted Recovery Anonymous Meeting Finder
MM - Moderation Management Meeting Finder
NA - Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Finder
NAMI Family Support Groups Meeting Finder
Nar-Anon Family Groups Meeting Finder
PAL - Parents of Addicted Loved Ones Meeting Finder
Refuge Recovery Meeting Finder
Recovery Dharma Meeting Finder
SOS - Secular Organizations for Sobriety Meeting Finder
SMART Recovery Meeting Finder
The Grief Recovery Method, Meeting Finder
WFS - Women for Sobriety Meeting Finder

Last updated Jan. 28, 2020