We are curating resource data from all communities to assist those seeking pathways to recovery.
Many challenges face those addressing mental health and substance use problems. And there still exists a profound level of misunderstanding and shame when it comes time to ask for help and guidance. We know finding resources is not always easy, especially in moments when you need them most. Now, the Recovery Resource Hub, built from data information and mapping systems from Capacitype, can help show the way. 
Capacitype and the Recovery Resource Hub reflect a national initiative from Transforming Youth Recovery - a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of research-based recovery support services.
The resource hub application provides direct access to one of the largest database systems in the United States. Deployed in 2017 in partnership with Facing Addiction with NCADD, researchers now rely on the database to help them collect and classify the diverse types of resources that can assist those seeking pathways to recovery.
The Capacitype platform was designed to collect and organize data from all corners of the addiction field. This includes resources specific to prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery support efforts in communities across the country. Until now, this information has been highly fragmented, difficult to verify, and overwhelming to process – especially when trying to make immediate choices about health and well-being. 
Online applications include tools that allow those on a pathway to recovery to share with others what they are finding helpful and useful—in their communities and in their everyday lives. This reflects the first-ever combination of evidence-based resources with real-world, practical experience. And the result is a database that aims to rapidly connect more people to resources that can inspire something life-changing – and life-saving.
As the depth and sophistication of data curation efforts expand, so will our understanding of how to better connect people to resources, and connect resources to other resources, for easy-to-navigate pathways. Imagine if we could follow the footprints for effective addiction care in every community? Or if we could better understand the influence of certain combinations of resources for effective addiction care and recovery support? These are things we can learn when individuals and organizations openly contribute information to an independent, non-commercial application such as the resource hub. It is also the very thing that can change the way we think and talk about addiction and recovery across our nation.

The Recovery Resource Hub is free to use, but requires a registered account in order to access all of the robust features. Thank you for joining us as we set out to create the largest collection of trusted recovery resources in the nation.