Section 2. Quick guide to adding assets to the map

Create your account

You will need to create an account to add assets to the Addiction Resource Hub map and fully access all features available through the application. 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name, email, and zip code and select Create new account. (Only valid email is required.)
  3. Check your email and select the link to log in.

Map your assets

Search  Find it to see if your asset is already on the map. If your asset is already on the map, you may wish to start a collection.

  1. If your asset is not on the map, select Map it.*
  2. Complete the Short form.
  3. When done, select Submit.
  4. Published assets can be updated from My resources in Map it. Learn more.

Or create an asset inventory

Sometimes, adding assets one by one just doesn’t make sense. If you already have lists of people, places, groups, programs, and services that others should know about, you can  create an asset inventory.

Your completed asset inventory can be sent to our Data Team at This will allow all your assets to be uploaded at once.