Release Note for Capacitype Application 6.0

Application Version 6.0 (April 30, 2019) - Recovery Resource Hub

  • Latest Capacitype application version 6.0 for full access to resource database and map tools.
  • Enhanced search index API capabilities for bespoke embed map products and data services.
  • Updated support documentation, data source references, and mapping toolbox.
  • Quality improvements and Drupal-8 code base updates.
  • Take a Tour to learn more about the online application.
We are curating resource data from all communities to assist those seeking pathways to recovery.
Many challenges face those addressing mental health and substance use problems. There still exists a profound level of misunderstanding and shame when it comes time to ask for help and guidance.The Recovery Resource Hub is a national initiative from  Capacitype and  Transforming Youth Recovery, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of research-based recovery support services.
The resource hub application provides direct access to one of the largest database systems in the United States. Deployed in 2017, researchers rely on the database to help them collect and classify the diverse types of resources that can assist those seeking pathways to recovery.

Login or create an account at to:

  • Find resources in your area
  • Create and share resource collections
  • Map resources in your community
  • Get capacity building tools

Application Version 5.1 (February 12, 2018) - Addiction Resource Hub

  • Beta testing conclusion for application version 5.0 release as the Addiction Resource Hub from Facing Addiction with NCADD.
  • Enhanced resource collection feature experience.
  • Discontinuation of Ask it feature.
  • Updated support documentation, data source references, and mapping toolbox.
  • Quality improvements and bug fixes.

Today, we are proud to announce the public release of an unprecedented resource for those seeking help and support for addiction anywhere in the United States. Until now, this information has been highly fragmented, difficult to verify, and overwhelming to process – especially when trying to make immediate choices about health and well-being.

Last year, Facing Addiction with NCADD and Transforming Youth Recovery collaborated to launch a beta version of the Addiction Resource Hub.The online tool provides individuals, families, and professionals vital resource information specific to prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery support efforts in communities across the country. In addition, people can map resources in their own communities allowing those with knowledge of helpful supports for addiction to share that information with others.

The Addiction Resource Hub application version 5.1 is free to use, but requires a registered account in order to access all available features and personalized experiences. Individuals and groups with active Capacitype accounts can maintain their same login information in order to access their personal resource collections and published resource submissions..