Student Engagement and Institutional Attitudes Survey (2018)

The Student Engagement and Institutional Attitudes Survey for Recovery Support Services in Higher Education is an open survey instrument made available to leaders and organizers of collegiate recovery efforts at institutions of higher education in the United States. Designed to inform broad research activities, the survey can also provide initial input at the onset of community asset mapping activities on your campus by providing additional insight into available support resources. In addition, the survey provides benchmark measures on the general knowledge and awareness of participating student and community populations.

This survey directly supports research being done across the United States to better understand how institutions of higher education can best provide students in recovery with support services necessary to help them reach their full potential. It contributes to a body of work aimed at transforming student, educator, and community mindsets so as to create living and learning environments where students at-risk of substance misuse or in recovery from substance use disorders are free from societal stigma and have access to support and care when need and willingness presents itself.
Campus leaders and organizers can extend invitations to students, faculty, staff, and supporting community members to complete the open national survey. Responses are submitted to the research team who will compile survey responses and report submissions from your college or university. All responses will also be included in national research activities being undertaken for the advancement of recovery support services at institutions of higher education. 
And here is a sample invitation email that can be sent by leaders and organizers:

Our [college/university] recently joined other institutions across the United States that are participating in research aimed at better understanding how we can provide students at-risk of substance misuse or in recovery from a substance use disorder the support services necessary to help them reach their full potential. This research is being conducted by Capacitype, a project of Transforming Youth Recovery, and compliments technical assistance provided by the organization to collegiate recovery programs and services across the nation. 

We need your help!

A national study is a big undertaking and we want to make sure that the results represent the voices of our community members, faculty, staff, and students. Please help us and take this 10 to 15-minute survey.


Your responses will remain anonymous - we ask for your email at the end but only to ensure we don’t receive duplicate responses and so we can share our findings when the study is complete.

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With contributions from people like you we can ensure that the voice of our community is heard in the national effort to help all students thrive in the fullness of their college experience.

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